Talisman - The Sacred Pool Expansion

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  • “Judgement day has arrived...The endless struggle between the spirits of light and the forces of darkness is escalating. Mighty heroes are called to choose their alignment and fight to prove themselves worthy…”
    Choose your path between light or darkness. It’s up to you to save the land of Talisman and discover if everyone believes you’re as worthy as you think you are for the Crown.

    Quest Reward Cards

    Normally when you complete a Warlock’s Quest you will earn a Talisman. When playing with the new Quest Reward cards, you may draw the top card from the deck of Quest Reward Cards instead. Characters who complete a Warlock’s Quest will still teleport to the Warlock’s Cave, even if they choose to gain a Quest Reward instead of a Talisman. Some Quest Rewards give characters a bonus and then are immediately discarded, while other Quest Rewards allow characters to keep the card until they choose to use its bonus.
    The use of Quest Reward Cards is optional and you can choose whether or not to use them before starting the game.

    Stables Cards

    Some encounters in The Sacred Pool expansion allow characters to purchase or take specific cards from the Stables deck. Stable Cards contain an array of mounts and beasts of burden. Choose to gain extra carry slots, better move rolls or becoming stronger in battle.

    Chivalric Knight

    With your strict code of ethics, you’re always willing to help another character in need, and never harm those weaker than you. When you play as the Chivalric Knight:

    You begin the game with a Riding Horse from the Stables deck, If you lose the Riding Horse, you may take one from the Stables deck for free if you visit the Castle. Whenever another character in your Region engages an Enemy in battle, you may aid them. Move to the characters space and add your Strength value to the characters attack score. If the enemy is killed you receive 1 Quest Reward but you miss your next turn. You may not attack other characters in battle if their Strength is less than yours, except on the Crown of Command space where you must attack as normal. Cleric

    Determined to defend the innocent and strike down the wicked, your devout loyalties make you a great contender for the Crown of Command. When you play as the Cleric:

    Whenever you are about to pray, you may replenish 1 Fate. You may choose to automatically destroy any Spirits without resorting to Psychic Combat. When you destroy a Spirit in this manner, you may not keep the Enemy as a trophy but you may replenish 1 Fate. You may discard 1 Fate to prevent your character from losing a life or one of your Followers from being killed. You may only do this once per turn. Dread Knight

    As a fierce and evil creature, you use your dark magic to intimidate others. Bring terror to the land of Talisman as you charge towards the Crown of Command! When you play as the Dread Knight:

    You begin the game with a Warhorse from the Stables deck. If you lose the Warhorse, you may take one from the Stables deck for free if you visit the Graveyard. Whenever you kill an Enemy you may gain 1 Spell if your Craft allows. Magus

    You’re a cruel and controlling leader, manipulating your followers to aid you in your diabolical schemes. Can you really be judged worthy of the Crown? When you play as the Magus:

    You begin the game with 1 Spell If you do not have any Spells at the start of your turn you may gain 1 Spell. Whenever you acquire a Follower, they become indoctrinated to fight with you during psychic combat. You may use all, none, or some of your Followers to fight with you in any psychic combat of your choice. If a character defeats you in psychic combat, they will kill one of your Followers that fought with you, in addition to their normal reward.

    Demon Lord

    Infused with Craft, the Demon Lord must be attacked through Psychic Combat. Make sure you’re ready for this epic battle as you must attack the Demon King immediately. If you’re successful in taking one of his lives, you must immediately attack him again. No one else can enter the Plain of Peril while someone is battling the Demon Lord, and if he’s left alone on the Crown of Command he will heal all his lives. The first character to remove his last life wins the game.

    Judgement Day

    Talisman is a land that requires balance and a fair ruler. If you believe this is you, you must first seek judgment from your fellow adventurers. Once you’ve entered the Crown of Command, each character must choose whether or not they believe the character on the Crown of Command is worthy of winning the game. Then the character who entered the Crown of Command rolls 1 die. Adjustments are made to the roll based on characters choice:
    1) No character is deemed worthy, discard this ending and encounter the Crown of Command normally
    2-3) You are deemed unworthy; you are killed
    4-5) All characters with the same alignment as you are judged worthy and win the game
    6+) You have been judged worthy and you win the game.

    Sacred Pool

    The Warlock requires the help of valiant heroes from across the land. Whenever a character starts their turn and does not have a Warlock Quest they must immediately accept one. Whenever a character discards a Quest Reward, it is not removed from the game. Instead, the card is kept in the characters play area facedown. The first character to reach the Crown of Command with four or more Quest Rewards wins the game.

    72 Adventure Cards 16 Spell Cards 24 Quest Cards 12 Stable Cards 3 Alternative Endings 4 New characters
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